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[Jormungand] Night Watch

Title: Night Watch
Series: Jormungand
Characters: Jonah, mostly
Rating: G
Length: 1320
Summary: Jonah can't sleep.
Warnings: Nothing I can think of.
Notes: There is a ton of namedropping in this. I'm sorry; it's the nature of the series. The only two you really need to care about are Jonah and Koko, though.

Jonah waits. Five minutes. Ten.Collapse )

[iRO] I am going to hell, no really.

Title: I am going to hell, no really, that is the doc title
Series: Ragnarok Online.
Characters: Dulche, Espe
Rating: NSFW
Length: 1750
Summary: Assassin versus priest. Nobody wins.
Warnings: Somewhat dubious consent. Nobody ever says no, though.
Notes: Original characters in an established universe (Ragnarok Online).

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.Collapse )

[Lackadaisy] Laisse les bons ton rouler

Title: Laisse les bons ton rouler ("Let the good times roll.")
Characters: Nico/Ivy, Serafine
Rating: R
Length: 2600
Summary: Ivy goes dancing.
Warnings: None
Notes: This fic requires you be up to date on canon as of Lackadaisy Memento.

The Little Daisy is “closed for repairs” that Thursday.Collapse )